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Who We Are

We offer cost effective environmental friendly products, services and solutions as our commitment to the society. We are aware of the adverse impact of technological development and human progress on mother earth and it is our honest endeavor to contribute our utmost for a greener earth through our products and services.
Our team is committed to meet and deliver customer requests and expectations with a deep sense of responsibility and integrity. We do not make promises that we cannot keep and will always deliver in time on the promises that we make. Act respectfully and responsibly on our environment is an opportunity to service our future generations.


To win the trust of customers through eco-friendly innovative products and to become the most committed sustainable coating solution provider with a global presence.


To operate our business and deal with employees, customers, investors and community with a highlevel of commitment, adherence to ethical standards and continuous focus on development andintegration of new technologies balancing the needs and expectations of the stake holders, ecology, economy and corporate social responsibility.

Why Choose Arka Paints

  • Mineral paints similar to Arka Green Paint have been widely used in developed countries for over 140 years and successfully proved their outstanding performances.
  • Natural ingredients are at the heart of the unique qualities of Arka Green Paint products.
  • Arka Green Paint uses only abundant raw materials available on earth, and avoiding the exploitation rare mineral resources.
  • Arka Green Paint uses chemical and weather resistance Natural minerals as colorants and extenders in Arka Green Paints.
  • Inorganic mineral based colorant are used in Arka Green Paint is not affected by UV radiation where as the organic based tinters used traditional paint coatings are affected by UV radiation.
  • Pigments in Arka Green Paints retains superior colour fastness and hence no colour fading in the entire life cycle.
  • Arka Green Paint is 100% natural, no hazardous ingredients used in their processing.
  • Arka Green Paint creates a chemical bond with mineral substrates via. silicification , becomes a part of the substrate and will not peel off.
  • Arka Green Paints are extremely hardwearing and durable, resistant to weather and atmospheric pollution.
  • Arka Green Paint shows good scrub and abrasive resistance due to the strong inorganic bonding with substrate and is ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Arka Green Paint is heat reflective reduces thermal stresses on coated surfaces and save electricity load on air conditioning.
  • Arka Green Paint reduce the heat absorption of painted surfaces and reduce surface damage from thermal shock by helping to mitigate expansion and contraction, mineral bonding will not lose adhesion with thermal changes.
  • Arka Green Paint finishes will not soften when exposed to direct sunlight or ambient heat.
  • Arka Green Paints are free from plasticizer and it will not generate static electricity which prevents dust accumulation.
  • Arka Green Paints are not flammable and does not ignite, hence under fire conditions; there is no a hazardous toxic fume or toxin emissions.
  • Arka Green Paint produces a porous substrate coating with very high water vapor and carbon dioxide permeability which prevent paint cracking and peel off.
  • Arka Green paint maintains the substrate remains dry and the breathability of the building.
  • Arka Green Paint is purely inorganic, which leads to resistance towards severe chemical and weather.
  • Arka Green paint is resistance to acid rain and provide lifelong protection to the surface due to the silicious binder.
  • Arka Green Paint weather proof finish provides optimal protection against water intrusion and freeze-thaw damage.
  • Arka Green Paint uses only water as solvent and virtually free from volatile organic compounds.
  • Arka Green Paint is harmless to the environment, consisting of natural mineral compounds including mineral colorants and liquid potassium silicate as a binder.
  • Arka Green Paint represents a technology which has no detrimental effects on the environment in terms of manufacturing as well as in terms of application. Organic paints are not environmentally safe from manufacture to landfill disposal.
  • Arka Green Paint has flat or matt sheen level. Mineral matte finish provides natural appearance. The angular sheen mineral matte finish will never cause harsh glare.
  • Arka Green Paint does not have odour, safe to painter and occupant and ideal for individuals with chemical sensitivities.
  • Pure inorganic and alkaline pH of Arka Green Paint prevents any fungi, algae or mold growth, thus assuring a hygienic and clean paint layer.
  • Arka Green Paint is solvent free and has very low volatile organic foot print.
  • ARKA Green Paint contains a special photosensitive pigment dispersed in mineral binder which provides self cleaning property to the coating to its entire life cycle.
  • Arka Green Paint has an extremely long service life and more Economical for its un matched performance over the long term.
  • Arka Green Paint is free from biocides, where as conventional paints contain a variety of biocides that must be carefully disposed off to prevent environmental contamination.
  • Arka Green Paint is hygienic, environmental friendly and improves the health of the building environment and its occupant.
  • Arka Green Paint is easy to apply and dry quickly.
  • Arka Green Paint provides unlimited colours as per customer’s choice.
  • Arka Green Paint is ecologically green coat, which is eligible for green star ratings.
  • Arka Green Paint will result in lower building maintenance costs while delivering a more sustainable alternative—by using less resources over the long term.
  • Arka Green Paint delivers a sustainable contribution in an economic sense by delivering longest-lasting value and maintaining it.
  • Because of Arka Green Paint natural, safe makeup, there are no special handling or safety requirements and disposal of excess material on jobsites requires no special treatment.
  • The high quality of Arka Green Paint is due to the inherent, long lasting qualities of a unlimited number of all natural, earthen ingredients.
  • Arka Green Paint coated surface dries out much quicker than latex and acrylic painted surfaces.
  • Arka Green Paint coated surface are easy to clean and maintain.


Preserve natural resources
Strong surface bonding
Superior color fastness
Natural appearance
Reduces thermal stress
Regulation of temperature
Non combustible
Highly breathable
Chemical and weather resistance
Environmental friendly
Acid Rain Resistance
Easy to apply
Self cleaning

General Precautions

Substrate requirements
Surrounding protection
Safety Precautions